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The D1 Iplikator is used to relieve back pain and insomnia.

The D1 applicator should be placed on a soft surface: sofa, mattress, upholstered chair. The recommended minimum time for one procedure is 15 minutes. Lie on the Iplikator for 30 minutes to 1 hour, but it is generally individual for each.


When applied to feet on which biologically active zones are located, one should sit on a chair and the feet should be kept on the Iplikator, which is placed on the floor. In the first procedures, the applicator can be used through a thin garment until it gets used to the feeling. It is recommended to perform the procedures with the applicator directly on the skin. In chronic insomnia and osteochondrosis, we recommend using the Iplikator at bedtime to achieve the desired effect. The procedures should be performed every day for 15-20 days. When using it, during the first 3 minutes after going to bed, you may feel tingling in the treated area, a rush of heat, a pleasant relaxation of the body, which will continue throughout the procedure. After use, the skin on the treated area will turn red - this is a normal reaction when applying the Iplikator. The procedures with the applicator are successfully combined with the classical therapeutic measures.

It is recommended that you consult a doctor or other medical professional before using the applicator.

Keep out of reach of children (sharp surface!)

The applicator should be used individually for each.


Disinfection is performed using ordinary disinfectants (detergent and brush) with water at a temperature of up to 60 degrees.

The use of an Iplikator is not recommended for:

Skin diseases, oncological diseases, large birthmarks, thrombophlebitis. In order to be able to use the applicator on the places with birthmarks, moles, warts, the respective places must be insulated with adhesive tape.

Dimensions: 68 x 38 cm.

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