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Origin Hex Dumbbells are the latest versatile free weights product to be added the Origin range.

These brand new rubber hex dumbbells offer durability as well as protection against flooring damage and noise levels.

Safety is essential with weight lifting and the Origin Hex Dumbbells have a knurled chrome grip to ensure both comfort and safety while training. Also, thanks to their unique hexagonal design, the dumbbells will stay in place when placed on the floor instead of potentially rolling away like other more rounded products.

Whether you are new to weight training, or an expert, dumbbells are perfect as a full-body conditioning tool and can be used to target more than just the upper torso.

Not only can you build strength and muscle, but as part of a Circuit or CrossFit workout they can also increase stamina and endurance which can in turn, promote healthy weight loss.

Available in a wide range of weight pairs from 1kg up to 30kg, the Origin Hex Dumbbells are the perfect addition to any home or commercial gym.

Additional Information

ManufacturerOrigin Fitness
MaterialsSteel w/ Rubber
Handle Length150mm for all
KnurlingMedium Grade
Increments1-10kg: Increasing in 1kg increments (plus 2.5 + 7.5kg) 
10-30kg: Increasing in 2.5kg increments

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