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The E1 Iplikator is used to relieve pain in the neck and neck area.

The E1 Iplikator is designed to relieve pain in the neck, neck and coccyx. The inflatable E1 Iplikator is recommended for cervical osteochondrosis. The Iplikator perfectly absorbs the curves of the area in which it is applied.

The use of the E1 Iplikator should be directly on the treated area. It is important to cover the entire treated area - neck, lower back or coccyx. Concomitant use of E1 Iplikator and large back applicator (for 30 minutes) not only helps reduce pain, but also improves overall health.

For degenerative neck diseases, it is recommended to use the small Iplikator  A1, but Iplikator E1 can also be used. It must be inflated to its full capacity.

In the first procedures, the Iplikator can be used through a thin garment until it gets used to the feeling. It is recommended that the procedures with the Iplikator be performed directly on the skin.

It is recommended that you consult a doctor or other medical professional before using the Iplikator .

Keep out of reach of children (sharp surface!)

The Iplikator should be used individually for each.


Disinfection is performed using ordinary disinfectants (detergent and brush) with water at a temperature of up to 60 degrees. The foam is removed from the cover and the two parts are washed separately. The foam can easily return to its original place. The cover turns inside out. The foam is placed on it. They are rolled up in a direction from the closed end to the opening of the cover and unfold in the opposite direction through the opening.

The use of an Iplikator is not recommended for:

Skin diseases, oncological diseases, large birthmarks, thrombophlebitis. In order to be able to use the Iplikator on the places with birthmarks, moles, warts, the respective places must be insulated with adhesive tape.

Dimensions: 35 x 19 cm.

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